Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Post #8

Literary Term Entries

Narrator/ Point of View- At this point in your novel, you should be aware of who is narrating, or telling, the story.  After you determine the narrator, identify the point of view.

Mood- Mood is a feeling the author wants you to experience while you read their book.  What sorts of emotions does this story bring to your mind?  How does the story make you feel?

Tone- Tone is how the author feels about what they are writing. What opinion does the author have about the book they wrote?

In my book, "The Voice on the Radio," the point of view is in third person. I know this because of various reasons. For one, I can see and understand the minds of all characters. If it were first person, I would only understand the mind of one person. Another reason I know this is third person is because the narrator doesn't use I, my, me, etc. Instead, the narrator uses the main characters' name, Janie. The narrator says, Janie thought, or Janie felt, which indicates that the point of view is told in third person.

I feel sympathy while reading this book. Since I can read the minds of all characters, I can understand what they're going through. I feel their pain. For example, the main character Janie is going through a lot. She just found out that the one person she thought would never change on her, never hurt her, just exposed her and her secret identity. The narrator explains Janie's feelings, and I can feel that. I know what that's like so I understand that it hurts. The way the author chooses to pick what people they decide to focus on, really makes the story better because it switches to different places and different times with different mindsets.

I think the author is trying to show that they feel sympathy towards Janie. The author makes it seem as if they Janie hasn't done anything wrong. Everything everyone else does is wrong but whatever Janie does isn't. When Janie completely destroyed another person's camera, it wasn't her fault. The author made it seem like it was the other person's fault. It's like the author is understanding what Janie is going through and is deciding to side with her on all of her decisions whether they are right or wrong.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blog Post #7

Connect- Think about any experiences you have had in your life, seen in your community, or that you may have read in other books.  Think about how they relate to what has happened in your book.  Write a paragraph, approximately 150 words long, explaining how the story relates to you and/or the rest of the world.

My story relates to me and my world because the main character Janie, is going through something that not many people have to handle. Janie relates to me because she has a very good imagination. She thinks a lot like I do, and she imagines things with situations that I can relate to sometimes. My story relates to the world somehow because Janie was kidnapped, and that is unfortunately something that happens in my world as well. The thing that makes it different though, is that Janie knows about it. Her kid napping family knows about it. Her REAL family knows about it. Yet, Janie is still with her kid napping family. Her real family isn't even trying to do anything to get her back. Plus, Janie doesn't even want to leave. They just let her stay, because they don't want her to feel so many different things if she goes back with her real family. To me, that's weird. I understand why they're doing what they're doing but I'm just comparing it to myself and what I would do. This is a very interesting story so far, and I'm VERY curious to find out what happens in the end.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Blog Post #6

Definitions- Choose five unfamiliar words and define them.  If you know all of the words: find five words that you find interesting, define them, and describe why you think they are interesting.

 Word: Expediency               Page #: 74

Definition: The quality of being convenient and practical despite possibly being improper or immoral; convenience.

2.    Word: Profusely               Page #: 134
         Definition: To a great degree; in large amounts.

3.    Word: Consternation               Page #: 136
         Definition: Feelings of anxiety or dismay, typically at something unexpected.

4.    Word: Crass              Page #: 158

Definition: Lacking sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence.

5.    Word: Tacit                Page #: 178

Definition: Understood or implied without being stated.

6.    Word: Bemoaning                Page #: 181
Definition: Express discontent or sorrow over (something).

7.    Word: Revelry               Page #: 210

Definition: Lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol.

8.    Word: Covert               Page #: 217
Definition: Not openly acknowledged or displayed.

Blog Post #4

"Before he went to sleep, though, he wanted to check out the early Christmas present he had opened after dinner. A short time later he began to shudder uncontrollably. He clenched his fists so tightly that his fingernails sliced into his palms. His muscles spasmed as his body convulsed, and he nearly choked to death on his tongue. When the convulsions stopped, with eyes wide and bloodshot, and lips pulled back in a grotesque expression that was definitely not a smile, Chris went into the kitchen, pulled a huge knife from the butcher block, and slaughtered his entire family as they slept."

Write a short paragraph (five sentences) about why you chose this passage.

I chose this passage because when I read it it definitely caught my eye. It changed my whole attitude on the book because this is the first really big thing that has happened in the book. It had me wondering what his Christmas gift was and if this was the reason he went crazy. I also like the description in the passage because I feel like I was looking at Chris and watched his every move. I was very shocked to read this because the whole book is very calm and this changed everything dramatically.

Blog Post #3

1. Why didn't Jenna and Priya get scared when the found out that the "visitor" was there?
2. Who is John Gage?
3. What did Priya's parents think when they found out that she quit college?
4. Why was Priya acting so normal around Moira and Noah when they had some tension between them?
5. Why would Moira allow her 15 year old sister around her old high school friends with alcohol there? Why would she leave her by herself around her old friends?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Summarize Your Book

The book I'm am currently reading is Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. Many things have happened so far and I'm in the middle of the exposition. In the beginning, I saw a major conflict right away. The main character Lonnie, has quite a interesting relationship with his coach, Cal. At first they didn't like each other but now they are slowly growing to get along. The interesting part about it is that there's times when they fight and they get pretty angry at each other yet they act like nothing happened the next day. Another conflict is between Lonnie and his friend Paul. Lonnie and Paul were best friends until Paul started hanging out with different people. Paul changed and the way he acted towards Lonnie made their friendship worse. When Paul punched Lonnie, it made things between them weird. In the end, they made up but are still facing some problems. Another conflict is between Lonnie and Cal against the sponsor of the tournament they will be playing in. His name is Mr. O'Donnel. Mr. Donnel is putting a lot of pressure and problems on Cal and his team. Cal and Lonnie are trying to figure out what is going on and how they are trying to fix it. By what I've read so far, I think the theme might have something to do with trust. As I continue to finish the book, I will be thinking about the conflict and the main theme of the book.

My Book

The name of my book is Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. There are 183 pages and the genre is realistic fiction. In my book, I'm in the middle of the exposition. The main character Lonnie, and his basketball coach Cal, have been discovering some very shocking news about the tournament they are playing in. After visiting the sponsor of the tournament, they have been learning that there are people that are make accusations about Cal and his team. After Lonnie discovers that one of his close friends Paul is getting into some trouble, he finds out the guy "blackmailing" Paul, is the one getting involved with Lonnie and his team. The setting takes place in the same places, a gym, a little room where Lonnie and his close friends hang out, and the hotel that Lonnie works at. So far, Lonnie has been trying to figure out what is going on with this situation with his team and has been focusing on trying to win the tournament with his team.