Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Six: New Chapter Title

Chapter 5: Mysteries Evolving

I chose chapter 5 because I think that this chapter gives a lot of important information and it helps us understand a little bit more about Jonas. I chose the title "Mysteries Evolving" because the mystery to Jonas is his dream and Stirrings. At the beginning, he never really thought of Stirrings as this big important thing until he actually got them. On page 36 Jonas says, "Stirrings. He had heard the word before. He remembered that there was a reference to the Stirrings in the Book of Rules, though he didn't remember what it said... He had always ignored that announcement because he didn't understand it and it had never seemed to apply to him in any way." His dream was a mystery that had evolved after he figured out why he got it in the first place. At first he thought his dream was just a strange dream that he didn't quite understand. After he talked with his mother about it, it wasn't much of a mystery anymore. It went from a strange dream to a more complicated reasoning for it.

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