Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Two: Two Worlds Collide

If you compare Jonas' community to our community, there isn't that many things similar about them. One thing that both communities have in common, though, is school. They have their groups separated by age. Just like ours, only they call it Sixes, Sevens, etc. We say kindergarten, first grade, second grade, etc. Another thing that both communities have in common is that we have bikes. They can ride their bikes around the community just like us only they have their bikes given to them at 9 years old.

There are many differences if you compare our community to Jonas'. Differences that we have is:

- They have Nurturers and they say Sixes, Sevens, etc.
- They get a "comfort object" given to them when they are Ones, and they get that "comfort object" taken away from them when they are Eights.
- They get assigned a "family unit" when they are Ones.
- At 12 years old, you get your assignment and that will be your career.
- They get "released" if they break a rule.
- They can only have two children, one boy and one girl.
- They say newchildren.
- They have a Naming Ceremony where the Ones are assigned their "family unit" and named.

- We have nurses and we say kindergarten, first grade, second grade, etc.
- We can get a stuffed animal at whatever age and we get to keep that stuffed animal for as long as we want.
- Our parents give birth to us and they are our family forever.
- We can choose whatever we want as our career and we can have as many as we want. We have a say in how we live the rest of our lives.
- If you break the law, you go to jail or you get a ticket.
- We can have as many children as we want in our world.
- We say children or kids.
- When our parents give birth to us, they are our family forever. Also, we can name our children whatever we want.

            If I had to choose which society I would rather live in, I would choose our society. Jonas' society sounds like a horrible place to live in. When you are born, you get assigned a "family unit". I would not like that because the "family unit" that you are assigned to, isn't really your family. Your parents, aren't really your parents. Your brother or sister, isn't really your brother or sister. You are practically living with nice strangers. Although they are nice, they are still strangers. Another reason why I would not like to live in Jonas' society is because they get assigned a career at 12 years old. At 12 you shouldn't be working, you should be living the rest of your childhood. When you are ready, you should be able to choose what you want to do. Their future is chosen for them and they have no say in it. I am glad that our society is not like theirs because their society sounds like torture. That is why I would rather live in our society.

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