Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog Challenge - March 22

My closest friend goes to Freedom. I have known her since 5th grade because of basketball. We didn't really talk that much in the beginning but when our team was comfortable around each other we were good friends. When my team used to play her team, Hiawatha, we would be ready to play. Some of my teammates went to Hiawatha too so it was fun playing against her and my other friends. Once we got to middle school, we became much closer friends. We had ELA together in 6th grade and we would always talk to each other. Then when we would have practices we would talk more. This year we have became way better friends. We played on the All-Star team together and we would always joke around. We have ELA and Math together this year so we are always working together. When I go to her house we are always laughing and joking around. I am glad that I met her and that we have become better friends.

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