Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog Fifteen: Thinking...

The thing that I found most interesting about The Giver was Jonas' community. This is the most interesting thing to me because it shows me how things would be if our community was that way. I think that it is weird that nobody in Jonas' community questions why things were that way. Why they needed a Ceremony, why they need jobs at 12, etc. I think it is interesting to learn about other communities that are completely different from ours.

The thing I find most interesting about my book, Summer Ball, was the main character, Danny. He is a very interesting character to read about because of his attitude. There is times where I just want to be like, what? Then again there is times where I completely agree with him. He is confusing, too. He is a confusing character because sometimes he doesn't make sense. That is okay with me, though. I just like learning more about complex characters.

Something that DEFINITELY bothers me in The Giver is how they release people. Especially newchildren. This bothers me a lot because of the way the people react to release. They think of it as no big deal when really it is crazy. Another thing I don't like about The Giver was the ending. The author gave us so much information but left us hanging at the end. It was a very bad ending. Also, the characters. The author brought in some characters and didn't let us get to know them. For example, Jonas's mom, Fiona, and Asher. We learned small things about all of those characters but we didn't really know them. Those things really bother me about The Giver.

Something that bothers in my book, Summer Ball, was the way Danny treated his friend/crush, Tess. He acted very immature and although he was right, he shouldn't have acted the way he did. He was very mean to her. Danny got really mad because Tess stopped hanging out with him and his friends. He almost made her cry. I just wanted to tell him to leave her alone. But, she stopped hanging out with them because of some other guy, Scott. I would've been mad too but he could've been a little bit nicer. That is a major thing that bothered me about my book.

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