Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog Fourteen: Alternate Ending

The sled was starting to slow down. Jonas's vision started to get blurry but he could still see the colorful lights ahead of him. He could still hear the music. As soon as the sled stopped, Jonas lost consciousness.

Jonas woke up to see a family sitting in a living room talking and laughing. Jonas saw that there was a tree in the corner. It was neatly decorated with colorful lights and other beautiful objects. It also had a bright yellow star on the top of the tree. The floor was surrounded by presents. He could feel the warmth. The love.
"Where am I?" Jonas asked. His body was exhausted. He forced himself to slowly sit up.
"No, no, no, no, no. Lay back down. You are going to be just fine." The woman said. She seemed very nice.
"Where is Gabriel?"
"The baby? He is sleeping in another room. Do you want me to bring him?"
"Yes, please." Jonas was very confused. He didn't remember anything. The last thing he remembered was when the sled stopped. The woman came back with Gabriel in her arms.
"Here you go," she said kindly. "Oh, and my name is Larissa." Jonas was in complete shock. Was this really Larissa? The Larissa he knew? The one who got released?
"Uh, thank you." Gabriel was sound asleep. He was clean too. "Thank you for bathing him." Jonas said.
"No problem." Jonas looked at himself and he, too, had been bathed. He was no longer bleeding and he was in clean clothes.
"And me too," Jonas looked at the family. They seemed so caring.
"Would you like to join us?" Larissa asked.
"Sure," Jonas said happily.
"Let me introduce you to my family," Larissa pointed at the man sitting on the couch. "This is my husband Arthur. We like to call him The Giver." Jonas was confused. "This is my daughter Fiona, and my son Asher." Both children looked like they were the same age as Jonas. "My other daughter Rosemary is in the bathroom," she said. "This is my mother and father," she pointed at the old couple. "You can just call them Mother and Father." Jonas was apprehensive. He couldn't understand what was going on. Jonas sat on the couch and stared at the family. Suddenly, everything started getting dark. He could see that back in his community it was chaos. Nobody could handle the memories. The Giver tried to help the community but there was too many bad memories. Everything at his community went crashing down. He didn't want go back, but the place he was in was starting to slip away from him.
"Noooooooooo!" Jonas screamed. He woke up to find himself in his room. It was all a dream.

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