Monday, April 25, 2016

Blog - Intro Poetry Reflection

1. Based on our lesson today, what do you think a poem should have?

I think a poem should have a deep meaning and a moral lesson because it is the reason why the story is being told in the first place.

2. What should a poem not have?

A poem should not be told like you are talking to a person.

3. What did you notice that was different about the Bradstreet poem versus the Williams poems?

The Williams poem was not a poem and the Bradstreet poem was. I know this because the Williams poem was exactly what I said a poem should not be and Bradstreet poem was exactly what I said a poem should be.

4. What similarities did you see in these poems?

A similarity I see in The Red Wheelbarrow and To My Dear and Loving Husband is that they both are describing something. Williams is describing a red wheel barrow and Bradstreet is describing her love for her husband.

Blog - About My Father, Jackie Robinson

I believe that Sharon Robinson wrote this article because she probably wanted people to know that you can overcome anything in your life no matter how difficult the situation might be.

The main of this article is how Jackie Robinson changed history because he broke through the "color barrier". I know that this is the main idea of the article because the whole story tells about how things changed when Jackie Robinson came to be the first African American Major League baseball player. In the article it says, "Baseball's "color barrier" signifies the time in American history when black- and brown-skinned ballplayers were kept out of the Majors. In 1947, my father, Jackie Robinson, broke through that barrier and opened the door for others to follow." This tells me the main idea of the article. Another reason why I know that this is the main idea of the article because in the text it says, "Fifty years later, Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life was created to help diverse students understand Jackie Robinson's legacy of change." It is telling me that Jackie Robinson made a change and because of that, things are different.

The color barrier prevented black baseball players from playing in the Majors before 1947 because things were segregated. I know this because in the article it said, "American baseball became popular during the Civil War. Briefly in the late 1800's, two black players, Bud Fowler and Moses Fleetwood Walker, played alongside whites. But by 1890, Major League Baseball, like most of America, was "segregated." Until 1947, black- and brown-skinned players were in the Negro Leagues, while whites played in the Majors." This tells me exactly why the color barrier prevented black baseball players from playing in the Majors.

Jackie Robinson's statistics at UCLA and his accomplishments with the Kansas City Monarchs were important information for Branch Rickey because it shows what kind of athlete he was. It shows personality and his important accomplishments as an athlete.

It was important to Mr. Rickey that Jackie Robinson had strength of character because he needed to know that he could handle it as an individual. Mr. Rickey knew that if Jackie fought back, they would criticize him even more. Another reason why I know that it was important to Mr. Rickey is because in the article it said, "Rickey was testing whether my father would have the strength of character to fight back with his bat rather than his fist." This is telling me exactly why it was important to Mr. Rickey.

One piece of evidence in the article that suggests that Jackie Robinson succeeded in breaking barriers in Major League Baseball was at the end of the article. It said, "As predicted, my dad played baseball against amazing odds. He fought back with perfectly times bunts, hard line drives, and stolen bases. On April 15, 1947, Jack Roosevelt Robinson stepped onto the grass of Ebbets Field as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers. He went on to play 10 seasons, earning such awards as Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player. It took 13 long seasons before every Major League Baseball team had at least one African-American player on its roster. Today, Major League Baseball players come from around the world and continue to break barriers of culture, language, race, and religion." Although it is long, it tells me everything about how Jackie Robinson succeeded in breaking barriers in Major League Baseball.

Blog - 42 Reflection

Discrimination is harmful or unfair treatment to different categories of people or things, especially the subject of race, age, or sex. The definition of discrimination to me is when people judge or treat people differently because of their race, age, or sex.

My brother experienced discrimination once when he was at school. He was talking to his friend in spanish because his friend didn't talk very good english. When his teacher heard him talking in spanish, his teacher told him, "If you are going to talk in spanish, then go back to Mexico." My brother was very angry when she said that because he isn't from Mexico. Just because he spoke spanish doesn't mean he was from Mexico. When my mom heard about it she contacted his school because she knew that it wasn't okay for his own teacher to say that to him. This was a time someone I knew experienced discrimination.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog Challenge - March 31

The first time I went on plane is something that I will never forget. I was going to Texas with my family and my brother and I were nervous. It was his first time on a plane too. It was a fun experience because I was with my family. Another memory I have is when I went on a train for the first time. It was on my 11th birthday and my mom took me to Soldier Field with my brother to watch a soccer game. We had to take a few trains to get there and it was an amazing experience because it meant so much to me. It made me feel happy to spend my birthday with my mom and brother at a place that I've never been to. It felt amazing to spend time with my mom and brother in my birthday. It was an experience and birthday that I will never forget.

Blog Challenge - March 30

Something that someone did that I would never forget was when one of my teammates on my Freedom basketball team made a shot and got fouled when the game was tied 20-20 in the championship. Her name is Nessa. We were playing Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks was the only team that we lost to during our regular season so we HAD to beat them. There was a girl on Brooks shooting free-throws. She missed her second shot and I got the rebound. I ran as fast as I could down the court and I could hear my coach saying "LOOK UP! LOOK UP!" I saw my teammate Nessa and as soon as I saw her I passed it. She shot a jump-shot and got fouled. She made it. Everyone in the bleachers was going crazy. Everyone on my team that was on the court ran and hugged her. We started yelling like crazy. She shot her free-throw and made it. After that the other team ran down the court and shot a three-pointer at the last second and missed it. We had won the championship! What Nessa did is something that I will NEVER forget.

Blog Challenge - March 29

I believe that if you try your hardest and never give up, you will accomplish things in life and you will succeed. You can achieve your dreams.

Blog Challenge - March 28

Food is great. One of my favorite foods to eat is strawberry yogurt with grapes and granola. There is this ice cream place near my house so my dad always takes me there and I always get a yogurt. I like other foods but this is one of my favorites.

Blog Challenge - March 27

The best advice that I have been told was to "Treat others the way you wanted to be treated". To me, this is the best advice because it is very meaningful. This is something that everyone needs to remember. I get very angry when people are nice to others but they don't get the same respect back. It isn't fair to that person who is always nice to people. That is why I think that this is the best advice.

Blog Challenge - March 26

3 wishes for my family:

- That all of us stay happy.
- That all of us stay healthy.
- That one day a miracle will happen for us.

Blog Challenge - March 25

When playing volleyball, you have to serve. If you don't know how to do an overhand serve then you do a underhand serve. When you do an underhand serve you first have to place the volleyball on your hand that you aren't serving with. Most likely your non-dominate hand. You place the volleyball on your palm and you keep your arm and hand still. Then with your dominate hand or the hand that you feel most comfortable serving with,  you make a fist and you keep your arm straight. You swing your arm back for power and you hit the ball near your hand. The volleyball should go over perfectly. You are finally done! That is you do an underhand serve.

Blog Challenge - March 24

I think that seafood is gross. I think this because I don't like to eat animals from the sea and also because it seems nasty to me.

Blog Challenge - March 23

My sister Nana is someone that I like spending time with. Obviously I LOVE spending time with everyone in my family but this is someone that I would like to talk about. My sister Nana and I always like to joke around with each other. I think that we became much more closer after she had her baby. I always try to help her with the baby and I always ask her how her nights were with her and if she needs help. Nana always goes to my basketball games and I always go to her basketball games. I love spending time with my sister because she always makes me smile and feel happy.