Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blog Challenge - March 30

Something that someone did that I would never forget was when one of my teammates on my Freedom basketball team made a shot and got fouled when the game was tied 20-20 in the championship. Her name is Nessa. We were playing Gwendolyn Brooks. Brooks was the only team that we lost to during our regular season so we HAD to beat them. There was a girl on Brooks shooting free-throws. She missed her second shot and I got the rebound. I ran as fast as I could down the court and I could hear my coach saying "LOOK UP! LOOK UP!" I saw my teammate Nessa and as soon as I saw her I passed it. She shot a jump-shot and got fouled. She made it. Everyone in the bleachers was going crazy. Everyone on my team that was on the court ran and hugged her. We started yelling like crazy. She shot her free-throw and made it. After that the other team ran down the court and shot a three-pointer at the last second and missed it. We had won the championship! What Nessa did is something that I will NEVER forget.

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