Monday, April 25, 2016

Blog - Intro Poetry Reflection

1. Based on our lesson today, what do you think a poem should have?

I think a poem should have a deep meaning and a moral lesson because it is the reason why the story is being told in the first place.

2. What should a poem not have?

A poem should not be told like you are talking to a person.

3. What did you notice that was different about the Bradstreet poem versus the Williams poems?

The Williams poem was not a poem and the Bradstreet poem was. I know this because the Williams poem was exactly what I said a poem should not be and Bradstreet poem was exactly what I said a poem should be.

4. What similarities did you see in these poems?

A similarity I see in The Red Wheelbarrow and To My Dear and Loving Husband is that they both are describing something. Williams is describing a red wheel barrow and Bradstreet is describing her love for her husband.

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