Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Summarize Your Book

The book I'm am currently reading is Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. Many things have happened so far and I'm in the middle of the exposition. In the beginning, I saw a major conflict right away. The main character Lonnie, has quite a interesting relationship with his coach, Cal. At first they didn't like each other but now they are slowly growing to get along. The interesting part about it is that there's times when they fight and they get pretty angry at each other yet they act like nothing happened the next day. Another conflict is between Lonnie and his friend Paul. Lonnie and Paul were best friends until Paul started hanging out with different people. Paul changed and the way he acted towards Lonnie made their friendship worse. When Paul punched Lonnie, it made things between them weird. In the end, they made up but are still facing some problems. Another conflict is between Lonnie and Cal against the sponsor of the tournament they will be playing in. His name is Mr. O'Donnel. Mr. Donnel is putting a lot of pressure and problems on Cal and his team. Cal and Lonnie are trying to figure out what is going on and how they are trying to fix it. By what I've read so far, I think the theme might have something to do with trust. As I continue to finish the book, I will be thinking about the conflict and the main theme of the book.

My Book

The name of my book is Hoops by Walter Dean Myers. There are 183 pages and the genre is realistic fiction. In my book, I'm in the middle of the exposition. The main character Lonnie, and his basketball coach Cal, have been discovering some very shocking news about the tournament they are playing in. After visiting the sponsor of the tournament, they have been learning that there are people that are make accusations about Cal and his team. After Lonnie discovers that one of his close friends Paul is getting into some trouble, he finds out the guy "blackmailing" Paul, is the one getting involved with Lonnie and his team. The setting takes place in the same places, a gym, a little room where Lonnie and his close friends hang out, and the hotel that Lonnie works at. So far, Lonnie has been trying to figure out what is going on with this situation with his team and has been focusing on trying to win the tournament with his team.

About Me

My name is Gabby. I play basketball and volleyball. My favorite sports team is the Chicago Bulls, my favorite book is On the Devil's Court, my favorite music is 80's music, and my favorite food is pozole.