Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blog Post #7

Connect- Think about any experiences you have had in your life, seen in your community, or that you may have read in other books.  Think about how they relate to what has happened in your book.  Write a paragraph, approximately 150 words long, explaining how the story relates to you and/or the rest of the world.

My story relates to me and my world because the main character Janie, is going through something that not many people have to handle. Janie relates to me because she has a very good imagination. She thinks a lot like I do, and she imagines things with situations that I can relate to sometimes. My story relates to the world somehow because Janie was kidnapped, and that is unfortunately something that happens in my world as well. The thing that makes it different though, is that Janie knows about it. Her kid napping family knows about it. Her REAL family knows about it. Yet, Janie is still with her kid napping family. Her real family isn't even trying to do anything to get her back. Plus, Janie doesn't even want to leave. They just let her stay, because they don't want her to feel so many different things if she goes back with her real family. To me, that's weird. I understand why they're doing what they're doing but I'm just comparing it to myself and what I would do. This is a very interesting story so far, and I'm VERY curious to find out what happens in the end.

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