Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blog Post #8

Literary Term Entries

Narrator/ Point of View- At this point in your novel, you should be aware of who is narrating, or telling, the story.  After you determine the narrator, identify the point of view.

Mood- Mood is a feeling the author wants you to experience while you read their book.  What sorts of emotions does this story bring to your mind?  How does the story make you feel?

Tone- Tone is how the author feels about what they are writing. What opinion does the author have about the book they wrote?

In my book, "The Voice on the Radio," the point of view is in third person. I know this because of various reasons. For one, I can see and understand the minds of all characters. If it were first person, I would only understand the mind of one person. Another reason I know this is third person is because the narrator doesn't use I, my, me, etc. Instead, the narrator uses the main characters' name, Janie. The narrator says, Janie thought, or Janie felt, which indicates that the point of view is told in third person.

I feel sympathy while reading this book. Since I can read the minds of all characters, I can understand what they're going through. I feel their pain. For example, the main character Janie is going through a lot. She just found out that the one person she thought would never change on her, never hurt her, just exposed her and her secret identity. The narrator explains Janie's feelings, and I can feel that. I know what that's like so I understand that it hurts. The way the author chooses to pick what people they decide to focus on, really makes the story better because it switches to different places and different times with different mindsets.

I think the author is trying to show that they feel sympathy towards Janie. The author makes it seem as if they Janie hasn't done anything wrong. Everything everyone else does is wrong but whatever Janie does isn't. When Janie completely destroyed another person's camera, it wasn't her fault. The author made it seem like it was the other person's fault. It's like the author is understanding what Janie is going through and is deciding to side with her on all of her decisions whether they are right or wrong.

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